What We Are All About..........

An Aussie Business run by owner, mum of three, Kylie Wilkinson.

Starting out with beautiful Belly Bell necklaces for mothers to be, we have taken this gorgeous and meaningful idea into the realm of Yoga Mala's. 

Breathe - By Belly Bells Australia

Our beautiful Breathe - By Belly Bells Australia is due to be released early 2019, with each Mala emitting the soft chiming sound of the tiny xylophone that is inside each and every Belly Bell.

What better way to tackle your meditation that with a hand crafted Mala, made of various semi-precious stones, precious woods and a beautiful soft chiming Belly Bell. 

Great for meditation, anxiety and stress, Mala's help bring your awareness to your breath and your practice, and what a great way to take these meanings with you throughout the day.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our blogs on topics such as "How to Choose your Mala" and "The Benefits of Meditation".

Pregnancy & IVF Necklaces


Belly Bells Australia started in 2018 with our range of gorgeously crafted chiming pendants designed to be heard and become a familiar and soothing sound for your baby inside the womb from approx 20 weeks.

Traditionally worn by expectant mothers during pregnancy, our chime pendants are worn low, resting against the bump so that any movement causes the bell to emit its soft little chime.


Once born the same chimes will be a reassuring, familiar and calming sound to baby, reminding them of the security of the womb.


A simple yet strikingly beautiful idea which goes back hundreds of years, originating in the Mayan Culture where jewellery has always had a special meaning.

Belly Bells Australia is a new take on this tradition, bringing an Aussie Charm and Lifestyle to this beautiful and simple idea.

Available in a range of designs, these bells can also be personalised with an assortment of accessories. These silver dipped beautiful bells are the perfect unique gift or as a treasured something special for you and bubs to share. Something that can be added to each pregnancy and handed down to generations of expectant mothers.

Lets give our mums something special for them during the

exciting time that is their pregnancy.



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