Looking for a beautiful and meaningful gift for someone that is pregnant or going through IVF or just with fertility struggles, then this is the one for you.


With  the addition Yellow belly bell that signifies joy, warmth, sunshine, enthusiasm, encouragement, success, stimulation, determination and change, what a beautiful symbolic gift.




  • Elegant belly bell with white bell on longer 45" chain
  • Yellow belly bell to interchange with the white
  • Shorter stirling silver dipped ball chain for once baby is born


The Elegant Lotus Belly Bell, what a beautiful symbol of hope, joy and fertility.


We have brought you the elegant lotus flower into this collection so that it can be a symbol of hope, beauty, joy and fertility. Something that can be a beautiful IVF keepsake or good luck charm.


As the flower of the lotus blooms from the muddy waters below, this elegant lotus belly bells represents that from hardships and trials beauty and miricles occur.


There is a tiny xylophone inside the bell so that when you move around in your day to day activities baby and mother will be able to enjoy the enchanting melody that is emitted from within.


The soft chime that is emitted from the bell on a daily basis will become the gentle and calming reminder of the womb once baby is born.


Lovingly designed in Australia, and crafted by traditional makers, these Belly Bells are first made in brass so that the strength of the metal is longer lasting. They are then dipped in Stirling Silver and E-coated so that the beautiful bright silver colour is retained for longer.


Mounted on a longer 45" chain, that is also dipped in Stirling silver so that the Belly Bell rests perfectly over a growing bump.


The Elegant Lotus Belly Bell can be opened so that you can interchange the colour of the bell to suit your mood or outfit or even if a colour holds a certain belief for you. Additional bells are available in our accessories page.


  • Symbol of hope, joy, beauty and fertility
  • beautiful IVF present
  • Soft melodic chime
  • Calming reminder of the womb
  • Longer chain length
  • Dipped in Stirling Silver
  • E-coated for colour retention
  • Openable locket

Pure Blessings gift set

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AU$42.00Sale Price
Bel Color
  • We do not offer returns for change of mind or incorrect choice, please choose carefully. If item is damaged or deffective please email bellybellsaustralia@gmail.com



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